Download Template Blogger VioMagz 2.4 (Premium) - Download VioMagz Premium Blogger Template. Hello guys, today I will share one of the best blogger template in the world. This template made by Sugeng from Indonesia. I use this template on my personal blog, Yukampus.


Desktop :

Mobile :



1. Responsive 100% 

2. SEO Fridenly Ready

3. Fast Loading

4. Ads Optimized Ready

5. Designer Blogger Theme Feature Support

6. Using Schema Markup

7. Use Font Awesome Icon
8. Breadcrumb Navigation
9. Auto Readmore
10. Pop-up Search Form
11. Widget Sticky
12. Widget Related Posts
13. Cool Responsive Share Button
14. Numbered Page Navigation
15. Back to Top Button
16. Custom Error page
17. Without Credit Link



v.1.0 (04 Maret 2018) – First release

v.1.1 – v.1.2 (06 Maret 2018)
- Color Repair Social Media icons cannot be replaced through blogger theme designers
- Add an automatic ad slot widget in the middle of the post and under the post

v.1.3 – 1.5 (06 Maret 2018)
- Fix navigation menu button bugs if accessed via a mobile device
- Change the color of the background of the Featured Post title
- Fix the appearance of the Popular Posts widget that is less neat
- Improved navigation menu transitions and search forms that are too slow
- Improved navigation menu that sometimes does not work
- Improved widget design - and some minor improvements

v.1.6 (March 10, 2018)
- CSS Bug Repair Label List Widget
- Improved CSS test strong and bold that does not appear thick

v.1.7 (March 17 2018)
- Optimizing the loading speed, so that the wuzz
- Improvements to the Featured Post widget display
- Improved the appearance of the widget related posts
- Add an ad slot widget above the article / under the title.
- Improved design

v.1.8 (March 23, 2018)
- Widget repair Sticky that doesn't work perfectly
- The featured post display is returned like the first version
- Changes to the related post appearance
- Improved design

v.1.9 (March 27 2018)
- Adding the "Read Also" Widget in the middle of the article
- Adding Custom Contact Form on Static Pages
- Improved design
- Additional guide updates

v.2 (March 29 2018)
- Repair of AdSense ads in the middle of the article does not want to appear
- Fix the "Read Also" widget bug in the middle of the article that sometimes only appears empty boxes

v.2.1 (March 30, 2018)
- Improved AdSense ads in the middle of the article piling up on short articles
- Improved AdSense ads accumulate on static pages

v.2.2 (April 01 2018)
- Remove ads in the middle of the article on a static page
- Improved submenu text that accumulates if the submenu text is too long
- Improved header is not neat when page-level AdSense ads appear at the top

v.2.3 (April 18, 2018)
- Repair Data Structure Errors in static pages
- Improved Navigation Menu cannot be closed on an 800px screen
- Improved design

v.2.4 (May 01 2018)
- Design changes: The blog title is flat on the mobile screen
- Design changes: Header background color and navigation menu using gradient
- Design changes: Popular post widgets, labels, link lists, etc.
- The addition of the article widget feature is the latest / recent posts


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